Contest Information

Welcome to vgFACES, a website ran BY GAMERS FOR GAMERS. Not only can you interact and engage with other gamers across the world, just by posting and being active in discussion automatically enters you into the vgFACES Contest.

The rules for the vgFACES Contest are as easy as Level 1-1. Just post and be active! It’s great to see many different users engaging with each other. However, there is one additional rule: DO NOT MESSAGE STAN FOR MONEY!!! Messaging Stan for money WILL NOT increase your chances of winning money. In fact, it will decrease or even nullify your chance!


            Anyone is eligible to win the Contest, and many have won already! Winners of the vgFACES Contest receive a reward of cold, hard, DIGITAL PayPal money. How great is it to get paid just by discussing video games :D? Money is sent straight to your PayPal account, and when notified of winning just provide your PayPal email and your reward will be sent right away. Make sure to spread the wealth and let other gamers know of the website!

            In the future, the vgFaces Contest will be changing into other special ideas… more info is coming in the following weeks! In the meantime, GAME ON :)