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Which is your favorite game of all times ?[br][br]Mine is Final Fantasy VII[br][br]:D[br]
06/04/2016 10:16:51

i love simulator games a lot.imma go with Euro Truck Simulator 2.even tho i like playing gta and gmod i like ets2 the most because it has multiplayer which is a lot of fun

20/11/2017 18:19:58
Baldur's Gate 2. I still play it from time to time.
07/04/2016 11:00:03
As a child it used to be Super Mario Brothers but it has been years since I played it. Now I have to say...  DOA4!
06/04/2016 19:55:48
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I am going to have to go with Street Fighter 2! :)[img]http://actionagogo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/street-fighter-2-collectibles-02.jpg[/img]
06/04/2016 12:21:55

I am honestly going to have to go with Knights of the Old Republic for the story and Knights of the Old Republic 2 strictly for the mechanics.

Sonic Adventures 2 Battle is right below those two and Super Mario 64 is one of my most played games of all time.

If I had to be strapped down and tortured to say my favorite game even though people spout off about it all the time.. I have to go with Zelda OoT and OoT MQ

26/06/2016 13:27:29
Borderlands 2! Sunk so many hours into that game.
06/04/2016 17:46:25
06/04/2016 19:31:54
Warcraft III
08/04/2016 19:42:40
I would say Alan Wake and both Metro games
09/04/2016 17:18:11
I would say Alan Wake and both Metro games
09/04/2016 17:18:25
All the Battlefield games except hardline lol
09/04/2016 20:14:54
very few people like BF H.I won it from twitter and I just gave up.I went back to BF4...lmao
12/04/2016 01:09:36
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GTA series,Shenmue or NFL 2K5
12/04/2016 01:11:46

This is my top 10.

15/06/2016 07:07:23

Zelda OoT is by far my favourite game of all time, played it so much on the n64 and gamecube.

16/06/2016 22:17:15

Warcraft III is always my favorite

21/06/2016 05:13:24

Halo 4. I love driving the Mantis.

22/06/2016 20:35:47

It is a real shame they butchered the Mantis in Halo 5.

26/06/2016 20:30:54

Silent Hill 2

16/07/2016 07:02:43
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I love Super Robot Wars the series.

03/08/2016 18:01:40

Super Mario Galaxy. 2 has arguably better gameplay, but lacks the grand feel of the original. 

11/10/2016 15:26:06

Return to castle wolfenstein, and wolfenstein enemy territory. I've played well over 2000 hours between the two online public, and private scrimmages or official matches. I've tried so hard to replace them, and nothing comes close to how much I love playing ET. =[

13/11/2016 20:50:57