Hardest game you've ever played?

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Surely the souls series and a few of the DMC games are in the question, and not to mention the old school pains.

13/05/2016 07:01:58
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Child ofthe late 80s/early 90s here... first that comes to mind is super ghouls n ghosts... the glory days of tough games

19/05/2016 22:36:30
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Ninja Gaiden on OG Xbox probably.

22/05/2016 16:43:09

ninja gaiden

04/06/2016 08:09:47

Souls Series but I aced them all recently.

07/06/2016 16:20:48

Honesly, some of the old NES games becuase of no saving.

Contra has to be the worst for me as a kid.

21/06/2016 01:05:15

Hardest game might been Bioshock Infinite on 1999 mode for me :D. Died so many times.

22/06/2016 11:04:24
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As a young child and adult... I would have to say the retro Ninja Gaiden games were the most difficult games I have ever played.

26/06/2016 13:04:23

Beat BattleToads when I was kid. Does it still count if I used Game Genie for unlimited lives?

03/07/2016 07:07:22

Zelda II: Adventure of Link, even on 3DS it's a pain in the ass. I rage quit at the Great Palace.  I did play it on the NES however.

16/07/2016 06:59:46

Jack and Daxter 2 , shit was so frustrating for 9 year old me

18/09/2016 18:47:02

Super Meat Boy gets pretty tough. I'd say it's probably the hardest platform ear I've ever played.

20/09/2016 07:05:25

Definitely Spelunky or Super Meat Boy. Mega Man 1 is pretty difficult as well. 

11/10/2016 15:16:10