XBOX Code Drop

Here's a thread to drop any xbox related codes you feel like sharing. Remember to say thanks if you use one =].[br][br]Here's one to get us started:[br][br]Halo 4 Red Warrior Armor avatar[br]6CJDT-29HMC-D9TCG-4HPCR-4KK4Z[br]
03/04/2016 18:34:53
Thanks man!
03/04/2016 20:53:53
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Found another code on my computer, don't have the game so it's unused:[br][br]"Thank you for participating in this promotion! Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag[br][br]Here is your code to unlock your exclusive Butcher Blade in-game weapon for Xbox 360®"[br][br]5PM-3PAV-VMNC-4YBW-LBTM[br]
04/04/2016 17:40:51

Max curse of blood

Figured I'd share some help
20/04/2016 01:28:39
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